Inconel 693® - Alloy 693 round rod, wire, tube

AvekGlob company sells at low prices from manufacturers Round bar, wire and tube is made of a nickel alloy grade Inconel 693® (Alloy 693). Supplier guarantees fast delivery of rolled metal goods to any desired address set by the customer.
Composition and application
Nickel alloy Inconel 693® (Alloy 693) with an increased chromium content provide resistance to high temperature corrosion mechanisms to remove most alloys similar purpose. In particular, it can significantly reduce and eliminate the risk of metal dusting. Surrendering
Gas generators designers choose this material in synthetic processes, petrochemical processes and other high temperature environments.
Inconel ® Alloy 693 has the best resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical processing environments as one of the currently existing alloys.
Increased chromium content in the alloy Inconel 693opredelyaet their excellent resistance to oxidation and sulfidation. However, adding the alloy to 3.1% aluminum improves stability and also to other types of high temperature corrosion.
The alloy used in the petrochemical industry in the manufacture of synthesis gas for heat recovery in energy and biomass combustion, for the manufacture of burners, nozzles and high temperature reactor fuel assemblies.
The chemical composition of the alloy Inconel 693® (Alloy 693), which corresponds to the technical standards and requirements of the standard, is shown in the table N06693 SIE:

Buy at economically competitive prices from manufacturers round bar, wire or tube made of a nickel alloy Inconel 693® (Alloy 693), which company AvekGlob offers. Supplier for timely delivery of products anywhere. by the customer.
The basic physical properties of the alloy:
Density, kg / m 3 to 7,770;
Melting point, C 0−1317 1367;
Thermal conductivity coefficients in the temperature range of 20 100 0 C, W / mgrad - 9.1 10.7;
The specific heat capacity in the temperature range of 20 100 0 C, J / kggrad - 455 484;
The coefficient of linear thermal expansion in the temperature range from 100 900 0 C, m / - 13.04 17.01.
The main mechanical properties of the alloy:
The limit of tensile strength, MPa - 880 930;
Tensile strength, MPa - 490 510;
Elongation,% - 42 45;
Modulus of elasticity, GPa - 197.
Technological properties of the alloy: ductility and machinability - good; High-speed operation, such as grinding, milling or turning, is to be carried out using water-based coolants. Welding should be carried out in the annealed condition. Commonly used welding processes are arc welding with tungsten electrodes and flame welding.
The company AvekGlob offers purchase affordable tube manufacturers, round, wire alloy Inconel 693® (Alloy 693). Supplier produces instant product delivery to any location specified by the customer.

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