Alloy 926 / 6Mo
Special stainless steel 6Mo was developed on the basis of the well-known steel 904L (Russian analogue 0628). In this alloy, in contrast to 904L, the molybdenum content is increased to 6.5%. 6Mo has excellent general anti-corrosion properties and improved pitting and crevice corrosion resistance. The resistance to stress corrosion cracking as a result of pitting has also been improved over other austenitic stainless steels. Delivery in powder form is possible.

Alloy 926 / 6Mo  EN1.4529   UNSN08926 / N08367  Cronifer 1925 hMo, INCOLOY® alloy 25-6MO
Welding Additive | FM-59 | FM 625

The alloy is characterized by excellent resistance in many chemical environments, such as liquefied sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, in environments containing chlorides, as well as in saline concentrated and crystallized environments where the material exhibits increased resistance to wear. Due to its good corrosion resistance in seawater, the material is also used for offshore structures, in the pulp and paper industry, in the synthesis of organochemicals and in the manufacture of heat exchangers. Alloy 926 exhibits good corrosion resistance in light aerated technical sulfuric acid up to 60% concentration and at temperatures up to 80 C. 1.4529 has the following distinctive features:
- This steel has permission for use in high-pressure vessels with an operating temperature of -196 ... 400 ⁰;
- Also, this steel has improved corrosion resistance in oxidizing and reducing environments;
- less tendency to form intrametallic phases, in comparison with similar steels, which contain up to 18% nickel;
- In Germany, the building authority has approved the use of this steel grade as a connecting and structural element in construction (German Institute for Building Technology - Deutsches Institut fr Bautechnik, September 98).
As an additive for welding, either 2.4607 is used, or an electrode with a core of 2.4609.
Today, the following products are made from this steel:
- Equipment for enrichment and crystallization in the extraction of salt through evaporation;
- Production of equipment and materials for evaporation, heat exchange and lining in the production of phosphoric acid;
- Barrels for transportation of aggressive chemical products are produced from 1. 4529;
- Used in distribution and cooling systems in the production of sulfuric acid;
- Also used in fire extinguishing systems, seawater filtration, hydraulics on offshore platforms;

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