Circle, wire, pipe, Inconel 706 sheet
Alloy advantages
INCONEL 706 is a high-temperature, chromium-nickel alloy developed in the USA. This alloy is a good combination of high toughness, mechanical strength and good machinability. INCONEL 706 has the same characteristics as INCONEL 718. However, the former is easier to machine. Nickel and chromium give this alloy high oxidation stability. During the heating process, they form an oxide film on the surface, which increases the resistance to aggressive media. Titanium and niobium are the main dispersion-strengthening alloy components, and the presence of aluminum in the alloy has a positive effect on manufacturability. Dispersion strengthening of the alloy by the action of temperature precipitation provides an improvement in the required properties of delayed quenching. As a result, the crack resistance of the welded seams is increased.
The alloy combines good processability and high strength. It is used in aerospace and motor construction for the manufacture of shafts, turbine housings, discs, diffuser housings, compressor shafts and discs, etc. Also, this alloy is used in the manufacture of disks for industrial large gas turbines.
This alloy has good plasticity and is satisfactorily amenable to forming, but it is prone to work hardening, therefore it should be cut at low speeds with a special tool. Welding is possible only after preliminary heating of parts to 100-120 กใ C with final annealing.



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