Alloy K-500 / Monel K-500 / N05500 / 2.4375

When creating an alloy of the Monel alloy K-500 N05500 grade, the Monel alloy 400 N04400 alloy was taken as a basis; the patent for its manufacture belongs to the Special Metals Corporation.
Monel K500 is perfect for the production of shafts for pumping and compressor equipment, parts and mechanisms, units of special equipment for oil and gas engineering, for the manufacture of pipeline fittings.
Chemical composition of Monel K-500 in%

Physical properties of Alloy K-500
Density of Monel K-500 alloy (weight) - 8.44 g / cm3
Thermal properties N05500

Alloy Monel K-500 has all the characteristics and qualities of Monel alloy 400, but the introduction of minimal additions of titanium and aluminum made it possible to significantly increase the hardness and strength of K-500. In addition, this alloy is characterized by a low degree of magnetic permeability, and is inert to magnetization at low temperatures, reaching - 101 กใ C.
An important feature of the Monel K-500 is the ANSI / NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156-3 certification, which allows it to be used for the manufacture of wellheads, parts of Christmas trees (except for bodies and covers), parts for gas lift equipment. It is possible to operate alloy products under the influence of hydrogen sulfide and chlorides in any concentration.
Alloy 500 is available in a variety of rolled products.
Corrosion resistance
The corrosion resistance of Nicorros AI does not fundamentally differ from that of Nicorros. The material demonstrates excellent resistance to many media, from pure water to mineral acids, salts and alkalis.
Nicorros AI is virtually immune to chlorine ions leading to cracking corrosion. A hardened material can be sensitive to this type of corrosion in hot, liquid acid vapor at a stress close to the expansion limit.
The material exhibits good resistance to fast flowing seawater and seawater, but pitting can occur in slightly moving and stagnant water. In contrast, Nicorros AI also has good resistance to acid gas environments.
Nicorros AI can be welded, or welded to other materials, using most conventional welding methods. These methods include conventional tungsten welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding. Arc welding is preferred. For gas-shielded welding, it is recommended to use a multicomponent shielding gas (Ar + He + H2 + COg).
When choosing coated rod electrodes, electrodes with identical chemical composition to the base material are preferred.
Uncoated electrodes
Nicrofer S 6530 - FM 60
SG-NiCu 30 MnTi
AWSA5.14: ERNiCu-7
Coated electrodes
Op.-No. 2.4612
AWSA5.11: ENiCu-7
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
Excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of natural and chemical environments;
Good corrosion resistance to stress cracking due to the influence of chlorine ions;
Very high strength and hardness.
After precipitation hardening, Nicorros AL exhibits the following characteristics:
Approximately two to three times improved mechanical properties compared to Nicorros nickel-copper base alloy (alloy 400);
Good voltage resistance up to 650 กใ C (1200 กใ F);
Good fatigue and corrosion fatigue strength;
Low permeability and no magnetisation down to -135 กใ C (-210 กใ F).
Spheres of use of the alloy:
Valve locks, pump sleeves and seawater wear rings;
Pump rods for fire extinguishing pumps High strength allows for a smaller diameter and resistance to fast flowing seawater;
Propeller rods Small rod diameter and ball bearing ensure seawater resistance;
Reinforcements such as bolts in the sea air and during high and low tides resistance to chloride-containing environment;
The armature of the tow ropes is non-magnetized and resistant to seawater;
The springs are resistant to a variety of media;
The oil drill shaft, as well as non-magnetizable drilling wheels, are resistant to chloride-containing solutions and environments with acid gas;
Non-magnetic parts of instruments used in aviation.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B865 - long products, wire, stamping, forging.
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