Hastelloy N / UNS N10003

Hastelloy is one of the most demanded steels in world production. More precisely, this is a whole line or group of alloys, which was first developed and patented by the world-famous manufacturer Haynes.

There are various types of steels (currently there are about thirty), which differ in their composition and scope. It should be noted that each alloy is based on nickel and chromium, which give the material the highest strength and resistance to corrosion processes.

Variety of steels can have different mass fractions of elements such as molybdenum, cobalt, carbon, copper, titanium, manganese, and aluminum. Depending on the purpose and future field of use, it is necessary to choose one or another steel grade


Like any nickel alloy, Hastelloy has the highest resistance to wear, corrosion and deformation. Along with Incoloy grade alloys, this type is considered one of the most reliable and durable when used in the most severe temperature and load conditions.

Corrosion-resistant alloys of this grade were specially developed for the needs of the aerospace and chemical industries. Their main function is to ensure the operation of equipment at maximum temperatures in the presence of corrosive substances in the atmosphere.

Chemical composition of the HASTELLOY N alloy


Hastelloy G -30 / UNS N06035   HASTELLOY C-2000 (FOR SPRINGS)    Monel 404 (UNS N 04404)

Nimonic90        Nickel 2.4683 (Alloy 188)     Haynes˘ 214  Haynes 556 / UNS R30556 / 1.4883   Haynes 230® - 2.4733 - alloy 230  Monel 401 Metal piping   

 Hastelloy N / UNS N10003    Hastelloy B     Alloy 926 / 6Mo    alloy a 286 uns ss28286 1.498     alloy 28 UNS N08028, alloy 20 UNS N08020

INCOLOY® alloy 330    Incoloy 901® - 2.4975 - Alloy 901   Incoloy 028 1.4563 / Sanicro28    Inconel 693® - Alloy 693    Inconel 706   INCONEL® 740/740H Alloy



Hastelloy B-3 / UNS 10675 / 2.4600       Hastelloy C-4 / N06455 / 2.4610    Hastelloy X / N06002 / 2.4665        Monel 400 / UNS N04400 / 2.4360

 Monel K-500 / N05500 / 2.4375      Monel R-405 / N04405