Based on the first operational results of the Incoloy 800, Special Metals engineers created its first modification - Incoloy alloy 800H N08810 with a constant percentage of carbon in the alloy (from 0.05% to 0.1%), which ensured creep stability of the material.

Alloy n08810 is characterized by a strict content of alloying additives in the composition, and has an increased temperature resistance. It is used for the manufacture of heat exchangers, pipelines transporting hydrocarbon compounds, crusher elements and protective casings of heating devices.
Corrosion resistance
The high nickel and chromium content of Nicrofer 3220 N provides excellent oxidation resistance. The alloy is also highly resistant to carburization, nitriding, and oxidation in sulfur-containing atmospheres.
The protective oxide layer adheres firmly under static and cyclic temperature stress. It is especially resistant to carburization if a thin oxide film has been formed by pre-oxidation.
The hydrogen resistance of Nicrofer 3220 N is excellent, so this alloy is used in water production.
Nicrofer 3220 N can be welded by all conventional welding methods: non-consumable, consumable, hot-electrode, plasma, inert gas and submerged arc welding.
The following welding consumable is recommended:
NicroferS 7020-FM 82
op material. No. 2.4806
Short designation SG / UP-NiCr20Nb
AWSA5.14 ERNiCr-3
Coated rod electrodes
op.material. No. 2.4648
Short designation EL-NiCrl9Nb
AWSA5.il: ENiCrFe-3 mod.
Coated rod electrodes
op.material. No. 2.4628
Short designation EL-NiCr21Col2Mo
AWSA5.il: ENiCrMo-1
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
Good fatigue strength at temperatures above 700 กใ C (1290 กใ F). To avoid a decrease in viscosity between 500 and 700 กใ C for Nicrofer® 3220, the sum AI + Ti max. 0.7%;
Good resistance in oxidizing, reducing and nitriding atmospheres, as well as in changing oxidizing and carburizing conditions;
Metallurgical stability with long-term use at high temperatures.
Spheres of use of the alloy:
ethylene and pyrolysis pipes in the radiation-convection area of ​​the furnaces; resistance to carburization and oxidation, good mechanical properties;
ethylene dichloride pipes resistant to carburization as well as dry hydrogen chloride and chloride gases;
pipes for the production of acetic acid hydride and ketone, high strength, resistance to carburization and sigma phase formation;
components of coal conversion plants such as heat exchangers, pipe systems, etc .;
steam generator tubes in helium cooled high temperature reactors high strength, helium and vapor resistance.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B163 - seamless tubes for condensers and heat exchangers;
B366 - Forged fittings;
B407- seamless pipes
B408 - rods;
B409 - Plates, sheets, strips;
B514, B515 - welded pipes;
B564 - forgings;
B751, B775 - welded pipes;
B924 - Seamless welded tubes for heat exchangers and condensers with integrated fins.
Other materials

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