Hastelloy C-276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with tungsten additives. Designed as a material especially resistant to various types of corrosion, which is used in a wide range of possible aggression.

Due to the controlled low percentage of carbon during welding, carbide emission is reduced, which increases the corrosion resistance in the structure immediately after welding. This quality makes it a suitable material for most welding processes. It is the most demanded and popular type of super alloy material.

Hastelloy 276 is one of the most durable universal alloys in terms of resistance and neutrality to all known corrosive attacks. It behaves well in any chemical environment, including the presence of 3-valent iron, 2-valent copper and chlorides. It is inert to heated working media with impurities of organic and inorganic contaminants, chlorine. Alloy 276 does not react to formic and acetic acids, acetic anhydride, sea salt water, brine and hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide solutions.
Hastelloy C276 resists local and crevice corrosion, pressure corrosion cracking and high temperatures.
It is produced in the form of pipes, tubes, rods, sheets and plates, fittings, wire for welding.
According to the NACE standard, MR0175 / ISO 15156 is classified as type 4e, and is regulated as a material for the production of products, parts at any temperature combinations, at various concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and chlorides in working environments.
C-276 is widely used in chemical processing equipment, pollution control devices, and the pulp and paper industry. It is indispensable in systems for the treatment of industrial and domestic waste, and the recovery of sour natural gas. It is used to manufacture elements of air ducts, dampers, fans, equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Corrosion resistance
Nicrofer 5716 hMoW can be used in many chemical processes in both oxidizing and reducing media.
Nicrofer 5716 hMoW is suitable for use except in areas where the corrosion rate is specified over 0.5 mm / a.
The high chromium and molybdenum content makes the alloy resistant to chloride ions. The presence of tungsten increases this resistance.
Nicrofer 5716 hMoW is one of the few materials that is resistant to wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite, chloride-oxide solutions.
The alloy exhibits excellent resistance to concentrated solutions of oxidizing salts (iron or copper chloride).
Nicrofer 5716 hMoW can be welded using all conventional methods. These include TIG, TIG hot wire, MIG / MAG, plasma welding, arc welding.
Materials used in welding
Nicrofer S 5923 FM59
Op. alloy No. 2.4607
Short designations SG-NiCrMo16
AWSA5.14 ERNiCrMo-13
Coated rod electrode
Op. alloy No. 2.4621
Short designations EL-NiCr22Mo16
AWSA5.11 ENiCrMo-13
For surface welding by electroslag methods
Welding tape
Nicrofer B 5923 WS 59
Op. No. 2.4607
AWSA5.14 ERNiCrMo-13
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
Particularly resistant to crevice and pitting corrosion, corrosion cracking;
Extremely resistant to a wide variety of corrosive environments under oxidizing and reducing conditions.
Main areas of use:
in the chemical industry for components in organic processes containing chloride, for catalysts;
when working in hot, unrefined mineral and organic (eg formic, acetic) acids, solutions, as well as in sea water;
paper, pulp industry, eg. for preparation and bleaching tanks;
scrubber and special reheaters, wet-running fans for incinerators and flue gas desulfurization plants;
facilities for the use of acid gas;
reactors for the production of acetic acid;
coolers for sulfuric acid;
production and processing of technically contaminated phosphoric acid.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B366 - Forged fittings;
B462- seamless pipes
B564 - rods;
B574 - Plates, sheets, strips;
B575 - welded pipes;
B619 - forgings;
B622 - seamless pipes;

B626, B751, B775 - welded pipes;
B829 - Seamless pipes and tubes.

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