Inconel alloy 601 N06601 is a high temperature and corrosion resistant nickel-chromium alloy for a wide range of engineering applications.
Its main performance property is long-term and strong oxidation resistance at high temperatures. In addition, this alloy is easy to work with, since it is easy to work with, resistant to stress and mechanical damage. Thermally deformed hard alloy acquires strength and stable structure.
The Russian analogue of Inconel 601 is §·§¯60§À according to GOST 5632.

The percentage of aluminum added to the alloy gives it resistance to oxidation at very high temperatures (up to 1250 ¡ă C, including with cyclic ¡°heating / cooling¡± changes). And the significant content of chromium in the composition provides resistance in most aggressive chemical environments. Nitrogen and zirconium additions control and prevent grain growth in the alloy, even if the alloy is used at high temperatures (maximum 1195 ¡ă C).
Such a complex structural composition of Inconel 601 provides a durable oxide layer on the surface of products that is resistant to abrasion and chipping.
Mechanical properties of Alloy 601

Inconel 601 tubes serve as elements in ceramic furnaces, while tubes and rolled products serve as heating elements for kilns.
This alloy is used to make various special devices used in heat treatment of materials (carburizing and nitriding of carbon).
Inconel 601 is suitable for the production of elements for thermal reactors, gasoline engines, combustion chambers and tube support assemblies in the energy sector.
Corrosion resistance
Since Nicrofer 6023 at temperatures above 550 ¡ă C exhibits excellent high strength at high temperatures against the action of hot gases and combustion products, as well as salt melts and, in addition, has good mechanical properties under short or long-term stress, the alloy is characterized by DIN EN 10095 as a high temperature alloy.
Even under harsh conditions such as cyclic heating and cooling, Nicrofer 6023 maintains a strong oxide layer that is highly resistant to cracking.
DIN EN 10095 specifies a maximum temperature for use of Nicrofer 6023 in air of 1200 ¡ă C, and the loss in weight during metal coating with scale is on average not higher than 1 g / m2 h.
Nicrofer 6023 exhibits good resistance to both carburization and nitriding and nitrocarburizing conditions if a sufficiently high oxygen partial pressure is present.
For welding, Nicrofer 6023 must be supplied in a diffusion annealed condition and free from scale, grease and markings. Nicrofer 6023 can be welded using all conventional welding methods: non-consumable, consumable electrode, active gas, plasma, electron beam (EB) and electric welding.
Welding materials:
In gas-electric welding, the use of the following high-alloy welding materials is recommended:
Welding rods:
Nicrofer S 6025-FM 602
AWSA5.14: ERNiCrFe-12
DIN 1736: SG-NiCr25FeAIY
DIN EN ISO 18274: G Ni 6602 (NiCr25Fe10AIY)
AWSA5.14: ERNiCrCoMo-1
DIN 1736: SG-NiCr22Co12Mo
DIN EN ISO 18274: S Ni 6617 (NiCr22Co12Mo)
Coated rod electrodes:
UNS W86025
AWSA5.11: ENiCrFe-12
DIN EN ISO 14172: E Ni 6704 (NiCr25Fe10AI3YC)
DIN EN ISO 14172: E Ni 6617 (NiCr22Co12Mo)
AWSA5.11: ENiCrCoMo-1
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
Extreme resistance to oxidation at high temperatures;
Good resistance to carburizing conditions;
Good resistance to oxidizing, sulfurous atmospheres;
Good resistance to alkalis and organic acids;
Good mechanical properties at room and elevated temperatures by hardening mixed crystals;
Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
Main areas of use:
Containers, fasteners in a wide variety of heat treatment installations, for example, for carburizing or nitrocarburizing;
Refractory anchors, glow chains and nozzles, high speed gas burners, wire braided belts in annealing ovens;
Insulation in ammonia breakers and catalyst support mesh in nitric acid production;
Components in the exhaust gas system;
Combustion chambers in waste incineration plants;
Pipe fittings and structural parts in ash handling plants;
Components in exhaust gas disinfection systems;
Oxygen heaters.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B163 - seamless tubes for condensers and heat exchangers;
B166 - circles, rods, wire;
B167 - seamless pipes;
B168 - plates, sheets, strips;
B366 - fittings;
B924 - Seamless welded tubes for heat exchangers and condensers with integrated fins

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