Alloy 690 contains a large percentage of chromium, which provides it with good and long-term resistance to corrosion damage in water, in an acidic environment (including nitrogen). In addition, chromium in the composition of the alloy affects the increase in resistance to oxidative processes in the environment of chemicals or gases.

Physical properties Density of Inconel 690 alloy (weight) - 8.19 g / cm3 Thermal properties N06690

This alloy is distinguished by its high strength and high metallurgical characteristics. Products made from it can be operated in high temperature conditions, are resistant to heavy loads of a mechanical nature. Inconel 690 is recommended for use in cases where high requirements are imposed on the products for the stability of the surface structure.

When processing Inconel 690, it must be borne in mind that the alloy does not react to thermal deformation, and acquires hardness only during cold processing. At the same time, the alloy is easily amenable to grinding, cutting, turning, milling - any mechanical deformation methods.

Due to the minimum percentage in the composition of cobalt, Inconel 690 is indispensable as a starting material in the production of units, parts, and parts in the atomic sphere. It is also used in the manufacture of tubular products for steam generators, any thermal units, furnaces, burners, heaters in the petrochemical industry.

Corrosion resistance
Nicrofer 6030 is resistant to a wide range of corrosive media. The high chromium content allows the alloy to operate in highly acidic conditions.

The high chromium content allows the alloy to resist high temperature corrosion in acidic and sulphide environments.

Nicrofer 6030 has good resistance to stress corrosion cracking in key areas of nuclear power plants. The alloy can be used in mixtures of nitric and fluoric acids.

The alloy exhibits excellent properties in concentrated (98.5%) acid, even at temperatures up to 150 กใ C (300T).

Nicrofer 6030 can be welded, or welded to other materials, using most conventional welding methods. These methods include conventional tungsten welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding.

The following filler materials are recommended for gas-shielded welding:

Uncoated electrodes:

Nicrofer S-6030 FM-52 (W.-Nr. 2.4642)
AWSA5.14: ERNiCrFe-7
DIN EN ISO 18274: S Ni6052 (NiCr30Fe9)
Coated electrodes: UNS W86152

AWSA5.11: ENiCrFe-7
DIN EN IS014172: E Ni 6152 (NICr30Fe9Nb)
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
high resistance to fluoride and nitric acid;
high resistance to caustic cracking;
high resistance to corrosion cracking in a chlorine environment;
high resistance to cracking in a humid environment;
high resistance to oxidation and interaction with sulfides in a high-temperature gas environment;
high mechanical properties, both at room and at high temperatures, while maintaining ductility.
Main areas of use:
radioactive waste treatment;
heat generator internals in hermetic hydro reactors (GGR);
production of alkali metal sulphates (Mannheim oven);
composite in furnaces that are fired with heavy fuel;
glass and silicate production.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B163 - seamless tubes for condensers and heat exchangers;
B166 - circles, rods, wire;
B167 - seamless pipes;
B168 - plates, sheets, strips;
B366 - fittings;
B564 - forgings;
B924 - Seamless welded tubes for heat exchangers and

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