Alloy X-750 / Inconel X-750 / UNS N07750 / 2.4669

Inconel X-750 is classified as a structural heat-resistant alloy with a composition of nickel-chromium-niobium with minimal titanium and aluminum additives.
The alloy was created by American authors, and today the patent is owned by the Special Metals Corporation.
The Russian analogue of Inconel X-750 - material 70 (828) in accordance with GOST 5632.
Inconel 750 is similar in its qualities and properties to Inconel 600, but due to aluminum and titanium additives, it has increased strength and heat resistance. The material is characterized by a high degree of corrosion resistance at high temperatures, does not oxidize at low temperature conditions, and is resistant to mechanical stress.
According to NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156, this alloy is regulated as a dispersion-hardening material based on nickel. According to this standard, it is recommended for the production of parts and assemblies of various installations, units that are operated in the presence of chlorides, hydrogen sulfide in different concentrations in environments, and at high temperatures.
The alloy is widely used as a wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating, for the production of aircraft engine parts - spring compressor blades, fasteners. It is actively used to create elements and parts of nuclear reactors, gas turbines, and jet engines. It is practically indispensable in the production of containers under pressure, devices for heat treatment.
Corrosion resistance
Nicrofer 7016 TiNb exhibits good general corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures as well as a high level of resistance to stress corrosion cracking. High level of resistance to oxidation up to 980 C (1800T).
After precipitation hardening Nicrofer 7016 TiNb can be welded using any conventional method, including DSPE, DSPE, DSPNE, gas shielded welding (SMAW / MMA). Low heat input required.
For DSVE and EAF welding, it is mandatory to use Nicrofer S 7020 electrodes (W.-Nr. 2.4806, SG NiCr20Nb, AWSA5.14 ERNiCrFe-7).
For the last gas-shielded welding it is recommended to use an electrode (W.-Nr. 2.4648, EL NiCr19Nb).
Main features and advantages of the alloy:
High tensile strength at 600 C (1100 F);
High yield strength and tensile strength npn820 C (1500 F);
High resistance to oxidation at 980 C (1800 F);
Excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures;
Good corrosion resistance at high and low temperatures, as well as resistance to corrosion cracking;
Good weldability.
Main areas of use:
industrial and aviation turbines;
high pressure cylinders;
pressing and deforming equipment;
nuclear reactors;
springs, bellows, bolts.
Various products are produced from this alloy according to ASTM standards:
B637 - Bars, Forgings, High Temperature Forges.
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